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Tennis Shoes Among the Nephites

Author: Chris Heimerdinger
Date finished reading: February 15, 2010

Tennis Shoes Among The Nephites” is a wonderful book. It starts off talking about a kid named Jim Hawkins that is a church boy but doesn’t like to go to church. But then there is the other character named Garth Plimpton. He, on the other hand, is totally opposite of Jim. Jim is just a kid with a bad attitude. What’s more, is that he enjoys having a bad attitude – about everything – especially about church. But Garth Plimpton is a fanatic of church. He’s spent so much time studying that scriptures and thick books that he can not carry on a normal conversation with the other kids. That’s why he is considered a nerd.
Through an unusual chain of events though, these two opposites become fast friends. It all began when Garth told Jim the simple truth:
“They really existed once, you know.”
“Who?” Jim asked.
“Nephites,” Garth replied. “Every character in the Book of Mormon ate, slept, died, and was buried.”
That statement, taken for granted before, would soon echo deeply into the two boys’ minds – because they were on the trail of a chilling secret. At the root of this secret was a faded Indian legend that old men told to children to make their eyes grow big. As Garth and Jim put the pieces of the puzzle together, they accidentally stumble upon a mysterious passageway, hurling them into another world – an Ancient American world.
As Garth and Jim are hurled into this weird world, Jim’s little sister, who came along and got thrown into the Ancient world, gets taken away by the Lamanites. So they have to save her while other bad and scary things happen like when some guys said that they would kill the captain of the Nephites, Captain Moroni.
This book was very enjoyable and kept me on the edge of my seat the whole time. It was hard to put down at times but wasn’t the best book I have ever read. If I were to rate this book out of 5 stars, I would rate it a definite 4.
– taken from Amazon Reviews

My Rating: ★★★★


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