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Monte Carlo (2011)

Where: at home
With: by myself
Date of Viewing: February 06, 2012

Genre: comedy, adventure, romance
Personal Blahs:
Ahhh Paris.. dubbed as the “City of Love” . The movie was supposedly shot at Paris, which Grace was looking forward to all her high school life. The trip was planned to be taken with her best friend Emma, a “dumb” blonde but because their parents’ insisted that the stepsister go along, they obliged. The plot was common and mediocre, with the theme of having an exact look-a-like taking the place of the other. Still, it was fun to see how all of them found love (in different ways) despite the problems they were facing. I wasn’t into the part where no justice was served, even though it was found out that Grace was an impostor. Obviously, the heiress was plain selfish and Grace was viewed to be all goody-goody, but the girls still did a bad thing – pretending to be who they weren’t! There should have been action undertaken for that. In the end, all three girls found the love of their lives – Emma, right where she belonged and realizing she had the best one all along; Meg, someone who helped her unburden all those feelings she kept with the death of her mother; and Grace, who understood that being different is not bad at all.

My Rating: ★★★★


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