biography · comedy · drama · Movie

Julie & Julia (2009)

Where: at home
With: by myself
Date of Viewing: February 08, 2012

Genre: biography, drama, comedy
Personal Blahs:
This is the biography of two women who found joy over a common hobby – cooking. Julia Child enrolled in a cooking class despite being the only female student. Julie Powell, a huge fan of Julia, challenged herself to do all the recipes within a year – it being an “escape” from all the stress from her job, toxic friends, and the deal about the transferring in a place she doesn’t really like. I tried looking the original blog but I couldn’t find it, and found some other bloggers stating it no longer exists. I really find interest in cooking, but I don’t have the resources to cook. I’m more into baking and I wanted to get my hands on those recipes for desserts that they showed in the movie. This movie probably wants to make the audience realize that nothing is impossible with the help of our loved ones and a bit of inspiration from people we look up to. Of course there will times when we feel inadequate, and our frustration overpowers us. We tend to forget that there are people who love us in spite of all our weaknesses and we must pause to show them we care about them too. Although I’m not into Julie’s character (there were times I feel she was being a narcissistic brat ), I admire her strength for finishing the race. Bon appetite!

My Rating: ★★★★


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