Nagoya Super Buffet

With: Mom (her treat), Koko, and Miss P
Two Cents:
This was a seafood buffet and mom decided to treat us for lunch. If you are craving for some Asian food, or just a fan in general, then this buffet is for you. It is not first class, but it is enough to satisfy those taste buds. The thing I like about the buffet line is the variety of dishes they serve and it would not be enough to have just one plate to be able to fit a third of it. Seafood plays a major role in the dishes they serve. I really like the salad bar because they feature different kinds and good tasting too. And.., if you are into sushi, they they have a lot of them too! You can even see how the chefs prepare it because they stand just right on the other side of the line, making sure everything if filled! Good variety on the desserts too, but I didn’t really enjoy them as much. I’m glad they serve ice cream. Mind you, it wasn’t just soft serve but they have 16 flavors to choose from. The downside is that, you would have to ring the bell for the server to come out and it takes forever. We had to ring it thrice before he came out! Didn’t even look too happy that he had to come out. There were also no food tags on the dessert so we have to guess what it was. Overall, it was enjoyable and clean. The free calendar was a plus. Twas a good lunch


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