Bake or Break

Recipe: Banana Cupcakes with Vanilla Pastry Cream


Last week, I had the pleasure of trying a version of one of my favorite delicacies: Banana Bread. Of course, I’ve had different variants of this and some turned out good, some…not so well. First, I want to talk about the Pastry Cream. I thought it was delicious, but took away flavors from the cupcake. I think that this cream would be successful, but not for this specific pastry. I think the Banana Cupcake itself, was really good. It had good texture, just right for a cupcake. It may lack some of the dynamic flavors I’ve gotten used to, but it is really good. Looking forward to see improvements on the cupcake, and try it out once more. (4 stars)


Trying out the cupcake version of the banana bread favorite turned out to be a great experience. The actual cake was just done right, not too moist yet still soft. The vanilla pastry cream was indeed tasty. But perhaps too runny to stay on the cake, so eating was kind of messy. Overall it was really good. The flavors of the cake and the cream topping blend on your tastebuds well. I was a bit disappointed with the cream consistency, but I’d like to taste this again. (4.5 stars)


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