biography · comedy · drama

Saving Mr. Banks (2013)

Where: the mall of LA
With: Mom, pangs, Miss P
Date of Viewing: Christmas 2013

Genre: biography, comedy, drama
Personal Blahs:
Watching this movies wasn’t part of the plan so I really had no idea what it was about. At the start of the movie, all I could think about is how I hate this lady! I have no idea who she was, but it was apparent that she was a miserable grouch. As the movie progressed, I learned that she was the author of the famous Mary Poppins. Mr. Walt Disney was so intent to buy her story that he would turn into a musical so as to keep a promise he made to his daughters. Mrs. Travers obviously didn’t want all of the ideas on her story was going to be shown to the public and made all unnecessary requests and comments enough to tick the crew and even Disney himself. In between the present occurrences, bits and pieces from Mrs. Travers life flickered on the screen; a trail of happy memories turned bitter by the weakened family ties during her childhood. She was a daddy’s girl and did everything to please him. He, in return, loved her, but was caught in the powerful grasp of alcoholism. I learned an important lesson while watching this movie. Sometimes, we become quick to judge people without bothering to know what might have caused it. The same was true for Mrs. Travers. I was quick to judge, but then the truth stood before me that all she wanted was for her father to be saved. We all have Mr. Banks in our lives – regrets, remorse which we need to let go before it consumes us to an endless void of bitterness.

Porter: Would you like me to unpack for you, ma’am?
P.L. Travers: Young man, if it is your wish to handle ladies’ undergarments, I suggest you take employment in a launderette.

My Rating: ★★★★★


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