drama · romance

One Day (2011)

Where: Ps3
With: just by myself
Date of Viewing: January 03, 2014

Genre: drama, romance
Personal Blahs:
I find girl-boy best friend relationships cute. Moreover, romantic relationships should make partners best of friends anyway. I like the Dexter and Em duo and it made me reminisce on how great it is to have someone who loves you for you. The story is fast-paced, as each chapter is divided into a year, highlighting the 15th of July. It led us into how their friendship started, until they both went onto separate directions to live their dreams. It was obvious that they would end up together anyway, but what tragedy! They didn’t even get to raise that family that they wished. I think the movie gives up a thought to ponder upon, value the people who make you happy because you never know till when tomorrow comes.

Emma: Whatever happens tomorrow, we had today.

My Rating: ★★★★


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